Interaction Designer

Molecular Tags

Skills: Research, Electronics, Holistic Thinking, Iteration, Rapid Prototyping, Paper Prototyping, Testing on the Body, Material Experimentation, Integration, & Systems Thinking

01. Concept

 Molecular Tags are a wearable used to lessen the anxiety and fear of an active duty member deployed in a war-zone.

02. The Problem

As a dependent my father has been deployed three times in his twenty years of service. Each time was more nerve-wracking than the last. With limited and timed skype or SAT phone calls I never knew if my father was alive one day and deceased the next.

Right now there is a delay in notifying the the family if the active duty member has “DIA”, died in combat, leaving the family anxious and unaware.

03. Designing a Wearable

I started thinking of objects I used to cope with my dad being deployed and how I could transform them into a wearable. One thing I held near and dear was my dad’s dog tags. This launched me into creating a two piece wearable for the dependent and the deployed.

04. Results

Molecular tags are a wearable designed with the molecules of anxiety and depression, a symbol of what many dependents feel while their loved one is at war. I created a looks-like and works-like model to display the function of the heartbeat with all the components and the other to display the design and aesthetics.