Interaction Designer
Just Eat It.png

Just Eat It

Skills: User Interface, User Experience, Research, System Thinking, and Iconography

01. Brief

Create a food-tracking app with six MVP screens. Include sketches, wireframes, a moodboard and final screens.

This was a summary of the brief I received for my visual design class my sophomore year at CCA. I decided to redesign this app to see how far my skills have come.

02. The Update

Now a junior design with a few years of experience under my belt, as well as a design degree, I found a lot of room for improvement with my past designs. And giving myself a challenging time limit of a when I had three weeks, Iā€™d like to think this was a great start. My sketching, wire-framing and layout design has improved with practice to better execute my concepts more than I did before.


03. The Original

Sophomore me was proud of this work. And I have to say present me is as well. With little confidence in my visual design as an undergrad I went with bold choices that reflected me and took risk that made me stand out. This project will always be a reminder to me to add a little bit of myself into everything I create. It makes a mark.