Interaction Designer
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Find the Moon

Collaborator: Acacia Martinez    

Skills: Research, Rapid Iteration, System Thinking, Experience Design and Iconography

01. Concept

 Have you ever bought tickets for an epic artist, wayyyy ahead of time? You bought the tickets and your super siked, but the concert isn’t for two months.

Find the Moon is an interactive scavenger hunt experience that keeps the concert-goers invested and hyped from the moment they bought their ticket to the end of the concert event.    

02. The Problem

We created a desired journey map of the fans starting with high excitement when they purchase their tickets and epic drop while waiting for the artist to come to their city.

Here we see an opportunity to create and experience to combat that negative effect of waiting by creating a wave effect, building off or other fans around the globe excitement, and bringing it to the fans waiting in the next city on tour.

03. Designing an Experience

04. Results

Testing on a small scale of 20 people, showed amazing participation and enthusiasm as well as discovery of the example band used, Walk the Moon, that participants didn’t even know of but wanted to learn more of.

Have two launches. The first launch with a small group to test the scale and logistics and test out cost. In the second launch, expand to a bigger fan base with new hunts and clues. These iterations will be used to improved the experience, add more clues and up the ante. 

05. Conclusion

This experience can be applied to any event by tweaking the 'hunt' to fit the fanbase. From UK football to Beyonce fans, this experience will create a wave of excitement from the moment the fan buys their ticket to the main event.